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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Leadership Team

School Office Team


Mrs Naidu (Office Manager)

Mr Wilson (School Business Manager)


Miss Aurangzeb

Mrs Budny

Mrs Shaukat


Parental Support & Attendance Officer

Nursery F1 Team


Mrs Jones (Teacher)


Miss Hoy (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Taylor (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Cotterill (Teaching  Assistant)

F2 Team


Miss C Davis (Teacher - Goslings)

Ms L Davis (Teacher - Cygnets)

Mrs Newbury (Teacher - Ducklings)

Mrs Mirza (Teacher - Cygnets)


Miss Cooling (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Parr (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Wood (Teaching Assistant)


Year 1 Team


Miss Huxtable (Teacher - Barn Owls)

Mrs Jeffery (Teacher - Snowy Owls)

Mrs Lawson (Teacher - Tawny Owls)

Mrs Rimmer (Teacher - Snowy Owls)

Miss Upadhyaya (Teacher -Tawny Owls)


Miss Araghchinchi (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Brooks (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Eyre (Teaching Assistant)


Year 2 Team


Miss Catton (Teacher - Springbok)

Mr Denman (Teacher - Gazelle)

Miss Dhillon (Teacher - Okapi)

Mrs Philpot (Teacher - Gazelle)


Miss Alkauskiene (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Amin (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Bates (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Shaw (Teaching Assistant)



Year 3 Team


Miss Arif  (Teacher - Orangutan)

Mrs Lowe (Teacher - Capybara)

Mrs Marks (Teacher - Capybara)

Mrs Sanders (Teacher - Toucan)


Miss Contras (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Khan (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Martin (Teaching Assistant)


Year 4 Team


Miss Green (Teacher - Wiesner)

Mrs Radford (Teacher - Morpugo)

Miss Roe (Teacher - Rauf)


Miss Kidd (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Porter (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Swinscoe (Teaching Assistant)


Year 5 Team


Mrs Bright (Teacher - Athena)

Miss Frisby (Teacher - Iris)

Mrs Matthews (Teacher - Poseidon)


Miss Ghafoor (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Watson (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Winfield (Teaching Assistant)


Year 6 Team


Mr Charley (Teacher - Newton)

Mr Edwards (Teacher - Turing)

Miss Somersall-Heath (Teacher - Okikiolu)


Mrs Khaliq (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Powell (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Speers (Teaching Assistant)



Miss Cawley (Music Development)

Mr Snape (PE)

Mr Bloom (PE)

Lunchtime Team


Ms Forster (Cook)


Ms Sharpe (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs Ahmed
Mrs Aslam
Mrs Bajwa
Mrs Basharat
Mrs Bibi
Mrs Bibi
Mrs Bibi

Mrs Dalziel
Mrs Digwa

Mrs Kauser
Mrs Kozuchowska

Miss Michalewicz

Mr Rawlett-Franks
Mrs Shaw (Senior Midday Supervisor)
Miss Singh
Mrs Suleman
Mrs Shaw

Site Team


Mr Lee (Site Manager)

Mr Blurton (Assistant Site Manager)

Ms Sharpe (Cleaner in Charge)


IT Support


Mr Bartlett

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**** Forest Fields Primary School is currently closed for the half term holiday. Pupils are back at School on Tuesday 2nd November at 8:40am, as we have an INSET Day on Monday 1st November ****