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Religious Education at

Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School


Intentions: the aims of RE

RE offers distinctive opportunities to promote pupils’ spiritual, cultural, social and moral development. RE lessons should offer a structured and safe space during curriculum time for reflection. Teaching in RE should engage pupils in discussion, dialogue and debate which enables them to make their reasoning clear and which supports their cognitive and linguistic development. 


RE makes a key contribution to enabling pupils to consider British values, including tolerance and respect for people who hold different faiths and worldviews. The HMI Inspection Framework for schools requires schools to be active in promoting these values, and well planned RE is a major part of this work. This is elaborated below.


The Implementation of Religious Education:

RE is taught every other week (PSHE being taught in the alternate week). Festivals are incorporated in both class teaching and assemblies.


The continuity and progression follows the Nottingham SACRE RE for All 2021 - 2026 model. It allows for constant re-visiting, consolidation and development of religious knowledge.

  • Nursery  Curiosity and Experience
  • Year 1 and 2 Exploring and Discovering
  • Year 3 and 4 Knowing and Understanding
  • Year 5 and 6 Understanding and Connecting


The Impact of Religious Education: 


Religious Education at Forest Fields Primary School develops pupils’

  • knowledge and understanding of, and their ability to respond to, Christianity, other principal world religions, other religious traditions and world views;
  • understanding and respect for different religions, beliefs, values and traditions (including ethical life stances), through exploring issues within and between faiths;
  • understanding of the influence of faith and belief on individuals, societies, communities and cultures;
  • skills of enquiry and response through the use of religious vocabulary, questioning and empathy;
  • skills of reflection, expression, application, analysis and evaluation of beliefs, values and practices, and the communication of personal responses to these.




Come and take a look at some photos of RE at Forest Fields!

Year 6 Synagogue visit - 31st January 2024

Celebrating Religious Education

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