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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School


Welcome to Lavender (am) and Tulip (pm) Nursery!


Your nursery team members are:

Mrs Dhillon, Mrs Cooling, Ms Jackson, Mrs Shaw and Miss King (Fridays)

We are also very fortunate to have Miss Khalid helping us in Nursery on Fridays



Summer 2 2023


This half term our topic is 'Toys'.  


Our 'Big Question' is: 'Is everything what it appears to be?'


We will be learning about toys old and new and about what makes them move.  We will be building and inventing our own simple toys using a range of materials, including robots!


Please have a look at the Medium Term Plan to find out what we will be covering and how it aims to meet the objectives of  the Early Years curriculum framework.


This half term will also, for many of our children, be their final half term in Nursery before they move up into Reception in September.  We will be working closely with the children and with yourselves to ensure that children are fully supported and prepared to progress to the next important stage in their learning and ae ready for the changes this will entail.

Each week you will receive a knowledge organiser which will show you everything your child will be learning that week so that you can share this learning at home. This is very powerful in strengthening your child's learning.


Week 1: Just Like Jasper

Week 2: Duck in a Truck

Week 3: Harry and the Robots

Week 4: Peace at Last

Week 5: Lulu and the Noisy Baby

Week 6: Rainbow Fish

Below are links to the stories we will be reading throughout the half term.  Each of the stories will be accompanied by a story map which you will be given at the start of each week to share with your child.


Please use the resources below if you cannot attend nursery.


Download our free nursery app;



              Young child benefit from some routine and dedicated time to them alone, where you can;

  • share and act out stories and songs


  • play together- supporting waiting/ taking turns/trying 


  • talk together- by listening/ responding/ explaining


  • encourage helping with everyday chores







  Please always supervise young children on the internet. 

The Cbeebies channel (sky 614) is a great alternative to using the internet. 



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